Club Info

1. How long is the season?*
Practices start the first week of December. Tournament play usually begins in late January or early February and continues through May. Teams will play about 8 tournaments throughout the season.

2. When and where are practices?
All practices will be held at the Salem Community CenterPlex. For all teams, practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 16s-18s teams will also have practices on Sunday afternoons.

3. What happens if a player is involved with school sports during club season?
The player, parents, and club need to evaluate how well the two practice and playing schedules will work together. Usually it can be worked out so that the player can be involved with both teams.

4. What happens if a player has to miss practices and/or tournaments?
Attendance at practices and tournaments is expected. If a player has to miss a practice, the player needs to notify the coach directly as soon as she knows about the conflict. If a player has a tournament conflict, the player needs to give the coach as much advance notice as possible.

5. How much playing time do the players get?
Club fees DO NOT pay for playing time (Read on for a description of what club fees do pay for). Players who attend practice regularly, work hard, and show coachability by improving where needed will see corresponding playing time.

6. How much are the Club Fees?

  Regional American Elite/National
12s $650 $650
13s $1,100 $1,300
14s $1,100 $1,300
15s $1,100 $1,300 $1,500
16s $1,300 $1,500
17s $1,300 $1,500
18s $1,500

7. What do the club fees pay for?
• Gym rental fees
• Coaching / administrative fees
• Uniform / equipment fees
• Tournament entry fees / coaches’ travel expenses
• Players guide publication fee

8. Are there fundraisers to offset the club cost?
Yes, one valuable option players have is to sell advertising space in the club’s media guide. Teams may also initiate their own fundraisers if approved by the club director.

Tryout forms, as well as the USA Volleyball Medical Release and the OVR Athletes’ Bill of Rights can be found on the Forms Page.